our primary goal is the well-being of your dog.

At Kinectic K9, we have a strong conviction that dogs should be assisted in leading happy lives with the people they cherish the most: their owners.


The main goal of our dog training programs is to provide owners the knowledge and self-assurance they need to continue training their dog and develop a strong, dependable relationship with them. All dogs are welcome at Kinectic K9, and we collaborate with you to develop a customised strategy to meet your needs, from young puppies learning how to navigate the world to older dogs with behavioural problems.

Since it was founded, Kinectic K9 has aided in dog training, care, and advice. As movement and play are proven to be very stimulating for dogs, they are the main focuses of our training techniques.

We also train and participate in dog sports because we love the process, and the enjoyment that both handler and K9 receive when competing.

Professional memberships