Board and Train

Let us do the training for you! Kinetic K9’s Board and Train program is the ultimate training program, with proven results in as little as 4 weeks.

Dog Training works towards obedience, addressing behavioral issues, and fostering a stronger bond with owners.

Our Board and train program offers a transformative experience for both your dog and you. In this immersive program, your dog will stay with us, undergoing daily training (2 x per day) tailored to their specific needs. The controlled environment allows for focused learning and behavior modification, accelerating the training process.

Owners benefit from the convenience of having their dogs trained by experts, saving time and effort. Trained dogs return home with improved obedience, addressing behavioral issues effectively. Board and Train also proves invaluable for busy owners who may struggle to attend a private session or group class. Additionally, these programs often include socialisation, exposing dogs to various environments and scenarios.

The structured, supervised setting ensures consistent and reliable training, and after a thorough hand over upon completion, you will be equipped to maintain your dog’s training methods back home.

Our Board and train program includes accommodation in our boutique boarding kennel, daily walks and play time, high quality meals and training treats.

Please Contact Us if you would like to know more about our Board and Train program.