Both you and your dog will benefit

We take a constructive approach, demonstrating appropriate play techniques

Our dog trainers at Kinetic K9 will treat your pet with the respect it deserves. Ultimately, we want your dog to be an integral part of your life, not simply a pet.

We take a constructive approach, demonstrating appropriate play techniques for channelling your dog’s energy through drive fulfilment and we’ll also show you why socialising your puppy early in its life is so important.

The Kinectic K9 training approach was created out of a passion for dogs and dog sports

Explore the Kinetic K9 Dog Training Programs


When it comes to owning a well-mannered, calm and obedient dog, we offer group training sessions weekly, in a laid back, enjoyable setting.


We’ll train your dog for you! Our Board and Train program is ideal for those who can’t dedicate a lot of time toward training. This program is suitable for doges of all ages.


The fundamentals, including how to sit, stand, walk on a loose leash, recall, and stay, as well as a lot of supervised socialising and behavioural guidance, are covered.


Kinectic K9 offers tailored one on one sessions to work on specific issues you may having trouble with or desired outcomes which you would like to achieve.


Kinectic K9 periodically provides specialised workshops conducted by experts across a wide range of subjects.