doggy gym

Come and enjoy Kinectic K9’s first dog gym for entertainment, exercise, strength and conditioning!

Kinetic K9 is a canine exercise service brought to your doorstep.

We’ve revolutionised dog training by creating courses that help dogs gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment as they learn new behaviours in an approachable, gradual manner. With a balanced approach using practical techniques the whole family can get behind are used in our dog training programmes. Your dog will learn from your participation in their training, and you will benefit from improved communication skills.

Dogs are like your family members but still need exercise to stay healthy and fit. We know how hectic your work schedule is, and sometimes you cannot take your dog for a walk. This is where Kinetic K9 comes in. Our team of highly skilled trainers not only helps your dog get proper exercise but also trains it in the process to stay obedient and friendly with you.

At Kinetic K9, our primary goal is the well-being of your dog and helping it maintain its strength through rigorous exercise and training.