Kinectic K9 offers tailored one on one sessions to work on specific issues you may having trouble with or desired outcomes which you would like to achieve.

The one-on-one time you and your dog spend with a trainer in our private dog training programmes allows us to tailor the experience to your specific needs and objectives.

In our one on one consults, we work toward the end goal that you want for yourself and your dog. This may be existing behavioural issues or learning new skills.

We can help instruct you with establishing rules, setting limits and restrictions. Leash pulling, lunging, separation anxiety, reactiveness (towards other dogs or people), jumping, barking, food aggression, and toy aggression can all addressed in these one-on-one sessions.

Our one on one consults help you understand a dog’s motivational drive and teaches you how to use that to train a focused, well mannered and obedient dog. These are intensive, hands on sessions, that will provide rapid progression toward your desired outcome.