Puppy classes

The fundamentals, including how to sit, stand, walk on a loose leash, recall, and stay, as well as a lot of supervised socialising and behavioural guidance, are covered in the training sessions.

Dogs start learning at the age of 3 weeks.

Initially, pups start learning to communicate and socialise with their mother and siblings. Their sociability and coping development then peaks between weeks 8 and 20. By starting with the important fundamentals early on, you can prevent harmful habits before they become frustrating.

Kinetic K9 offers expert guidance in socialising puppies and dogs, preventing destructive behaviours like chewing, play biting, and jumping, and ensuring that your dog is well-mannered around your home, family and in public. We know how important your dog is, and how overwhelming a new puppy can be, so our professional trainers ensure that you gain the knowledge on teaching and maintaining a well-mannered and obedient dog.

Your pet should be able to easily integrate into your daily routine. Obedience training (including beginner and advanced levels), house etiquette, and problem-solving training are all part of our foundational courses. Please contact us if you are interested in gaining knowledge in this area.